Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween Floating Ghosts - 30 days to Halloween - Day 4

Halloween Floating Ghosts  - 30 days to Halloween - Day 4

Here is a fun project to make kindly shared from Make Things For Kids.

I love being able to create super easy crafts and tutorials for you to enjoy. This one is great because it is very quick to put together and no skill required.
This is what you will need and how to make them:

Polystyrene Balls. I used small ones as I wanted to make lots of these little ghosts. As there is no pattern or exact measurments for this craft, you can make them as small or as large as you like.

 I already had this perfect fabric in my fabric stash. It is a lightweight cotton, so the edges fray easily. This is what you want it to do.

I used small googly eyes but you can also sew eyes with thread or sew on buttons or even just draw them on.

 I cut the fabric into narrow strips and squares to the size I thought fits over the balls.
   Place a polystyrene ball in the centre (or close to it) of the square of fabric.
 Gather the fabric around the base of the ball.
 And tighten into place with an elastic band.
 Pull at the fabric edges to make them fray.

 I drew a different nose and mouth on each ghost with a permanent marker pen.

 Take a strip of fabric that you cut earlier and tie around neck to cover the elastic band.

 Here I used a hot glue gun for all my glueing, though you could use any craft glue for this project.
 He's a bit cute with the googly eyes, not scarry. Oh well.

 I already had this filiment thread. I like it as it is difficult to see when in use which is perfect for this project. Fishing line or white sewing thread would also work.

 Glue (or sew) thread to top of head.

 And then hang up or ghosts to float in the air. They look so good when still and fabulous when there is a breeze blowing.

Have fun

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