Thursday, February 16, 2017

Small Space Storage for Utensils

Small Space Storage for Utensils

Not sure about you and your kitchen utensils but for me, even after I cut back my hoard, I still had quite a bit.

I didn't want to clutter my one and only utensil drawer so I looked around my kitchen to see where I could store them and still have easy access.

So, I thought why place them in a cupboard, why not have them hanging in easy reach. I found a narrow blank wall and off I went to measure the space.

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Can you see how narrow it is. I thought there was no why the utensils would fit within that gap but I was wrong.

After determining that the depth of the space would work, I then measured the length of the utensils and calculated how many rows I could fit on this length of wall. For my needs it was 4.

Drew each line using a Spirit Level to make sure they would be nice and straight.

I didn't want to have to use a step ladder to reach anything once finished, so I designed to suit my needs. I am sure I could have fitted another 1 or 2 rails in otherwise. 

I had already searched for hanging rails & hooks and found what I needed at Ikea. All this only cost me $10.

I spent quite a bit of time measuring and making sure that all rails were level and in the correct position down the wall before attaching them. 

It is an easy 1 person job.

I then placed the hooks on the rail.

And then the fun began. Sorting which utensils went where and then hanging them up.

Doesn't it look great. So need and easy to find what I need when I need it.
I love this project.
Easy & Useful.

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