Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Felt & Rick Rack Bunting

by Oh My! Handmade Goodness
Tutorial - These look like so much fun. Use them to decorate a wrapped gift or string them across a cake. So many uses.

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You will need some really basic supplies to make your bunting-rick rack , craft glue (or fabric glue), at least one color 8 x12 sheet of wool felt, a ruler + scissors. If you want to make cupcake toppers and/or a cake topper you will need toothpicks and doweling. That’s it!
To make the triangle bunting:
  • Cut 1 yard of each size of the rick rack you are using-I used small, medium & large to match the triangles.
  • Cut 3 rectangles from your wool felt- small (1/2″x 12″), medium (3/4″x 12″), large (1″x 12″)
  • I don’t use a pattern for cutting out the triangles, just cut off the end of the rectangle at a diagonal & go for it! Ila loves catching the little triangles as they are cut & sorting them into neat piles.
  • Then dip the very edge of each triangle in the glue & stick it on, be careful to line up the edge of the triangle with the rick rack so it doesn’t show when you flip it over.
  • Let it dry until the glue is slightly set then turn it over and make sure everything is in the right place.
  • Dry and then store by wrapping around a piece of cardboard or reuse the rick rack packaging.
You can make cupcake toppers with the smaller buntings by dabbing the end of the tooth pick in glue and wrapping the edge of the bunting around on each side. Or a cake topper by hot gluing the bunting onto doweling.I fancied up these baskets with it too.
Some more ideas are:
Gift wrap, cards, and scalloped bunting Photo shoot props, embellishments for packaging, scrap booking.

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